Monroe City Council

Monroe City Council Meeting Summary – 3/9/2021

On 3/9/2021 at 6 PM, the Monroe City Council convened for a monthly meeting.

The meeting began with an invitation for local youth groups and other citizens to take part in city beautification (Great American Cleanup Week).

A presentation was held in promotion of a new YMCA facility near the Loganville High School. Focused on the health and well-being of the community, the facility will have 38 acres and will require $15,000,000 in funding ($5.3m already acquired). The facility will provide 8 full-time jobs and 75-100 part-time jobs and will be a great addition to the community. The project does not need 100% funding to begin, and details are sparse regarding how the 38 acres will be used until architects can draft their plans. Citizens are encouraged to assist in fundraising efforts, and the hope is to “break the ground” by Q1 2022.

An application for a local business to sell spirits was approved by the council.

An amendment was made to Chapter 62, Article 1, Section 62-3 of the municipal code to include an entire section and repeal all conflicting parts and ordinances as it relates to the possession of marijuana. The amendment passed.

An agreement was made to modify water lines for a contract with MAB American. The agreement was passed.

A supplemental capital improvement was discussed regarding fiber funding to install fiber. The project is estimated to take around 24-30 months and those within city limits are prioritized. There is decent demand for broadband/fiber and the ROI exists. A council member requested monthly updates on the project. It was also noted that material will not be pulled from other city projects to meet the needs of this one. The motion to pass was approved.

An extension of a parking lot deal at West Highland over five years was discussed. The extension was approved.

A motion to adjourn was then passed 8-0, concluding the meeting.

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